Sunday, 26 October 2014

Berniaga pintu rezeki


Selalu kita dengar hadith nabi SAW yang mengatakan 9/10 pintu rezeki datangnya dari berniaga. I did some background checks dan didapati hadith tersebit hadith daif kerana terputus sanadnya. 

Tetapi, tidak bermakna berniaga itu tidak baik, bahkan Nabi sendiri pernah berniaga.

Islam kata sebaik-baik pekerjaan adalah kerja hasil tgn sendiri...

Rezeki melimpah sang arnab =)

Sejak dah dapat anak ni, semangat nak berniaga makin membuak-buak. Nak berniaga hasil tangan sendiri. Rasa macam puas hati tengok brand sendiri orang pakai kan. And of course nak berniaga supaya dapat time freedom boleh golek-golek dengan anak bila kita nak.

Sebab kalau berhenti kerja untuk dapatkan time freedom, tapi tak ada income, tak syok juga. Nak beli itu ini nak bebankan husband pulak. 

Nak berniaga ni idea datang macam-macam. Memang seronok berangan.

Tinggal nak buat ja. 

Kalau tak start memang angan-angan akan tetap jadi angan-angan. 

Muni dah start. Alhamdulillah. Dah mula dari bawah dengan Glampreneur dan BeautifulCircles. Belajar cara nak buat marketing, belajar tentang produk and belajar cara nak buat networking.

Sekarang masih buat part time untuk business ni. Dapat side income untuk berfoya-foya! bayar hutang and simpanan=) 

Dah ada basic dalam berniaga, sekarang dalam perancangan untuk ke next level dalam dunia perniagaan. Brand sendiri pula. Lagi bagus dua side income=). Mudah-mudahan lagi 2-3 tahun dah boleh jadi my main income so dah boleh berhenti makan gaji dan jadi bos sendiri. Lagi mudah urus masa =)

Sesiapa yang interested untuk belajar cara-cara nak berniaga boleh pm saya untuk kita share sikit sebanyak apa yang saya ada.

Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat.

KENA BERTINDAK. Tak ada masa yang sesuai kalau nak tunggu. 

**Jom tingkatkan amalan, bumi makin tua**

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My labor experience

Assalammualaikum to all!

This post has actually been written looong time ago. Its during my confinement period that I wrote this post. However, I did not publish it until now because I was too lazy to upload photos from my camera to add to this post. Hehe. So please enjoy my way too delayed post of my Labour Experience and meet my charming little hero..

Umar at 3 months

My due date was on the 13th of March 2014 and I showed no sign of giving birth until my 39th week of pregnancy.

It was only after Maghrib prayers on the 10th of March that I felt a mild stomach cramp. Perut jadi keras sikit and I was a bit excited about it since the waiting game has been so long. So I told my husband who was still relaxing on the prayer mat .

B. i think Ill give birth tonight lah. Macam ada sakit sikit nih with a smiling face. 

huh? Yeke?! Kejap. Let me do some preparation jap. Hubs quickly grab the Al-Quran and started reciting the surahs.*Panicked mode on * 

Okay then. I tido jap later when you are finished and I still sakit we go to hospital okay? 

Hubby gave a nod and continued reciting the Quran and I took a nap. 

Buka mata. Bunyi burung. Fineee.. Dah pagi and I still did not give birth . Yesterday was a false alarm. hehe

So hubby went to work as usual and I stayed at home since I was already on maternity leave. I did some house chores and slept and ate and slept again . Hubby came home and after Maghrib, we decided to have dinner outside. 

While getting ready for dinner, I felt the stomach cramp again. Informed hubby, and we decided not to go hospital just yet takut false alarm macam semalam.hehe. So off we went to  Alamanda for our dinner. While waiting for our order, the stomach cramp came again. This time, it's stronger and more frequent. It felt like electric wave (its the surges i think) but a bearable one not so painful.  I senyap didnt tell hubby about it. Masa makan, tengah borak2, when the surges came, I'll stop talking and kept quite. Hubby didnt notice at first tapi bila dah banyak kali baru dia perasan. 

So, ready nak pergi hospital dah? hubs asked

I think its time. Jom lah. I said

Masa jalan nak pergi kereta, the surges came a few times and I had to stop to embrace the surges. 

We arrived at the hospital around 9.30pm, explained to the nurse on duty, register and  waited at the check up room while waiting for doctor to come. There were 4 other ladies at that time and I overheard one nurse telling the lady next to me her labour symptom is still at the early stage and she has to go to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital since the ward in Putrajaya, Kajang and Serdang hospital were all full that night. Listening to that, I was a little bit tensed since KL is so far plus the traffic was bad and hubby will have trouble to come and visit if I were to be warded more than one day. wuuuuu. Berserah sahaja lah if that's my rezeki..

Than, came a beautiful, young and soft spoken doctor to check me up. She listened to my explanation tentatively, asked a few questions and gave me a warm touch to calm me down (muka cuak kot?heheh).

Everything seems good. We'll see if laluan dah terbuka or not okay. Said the doctor

She put on her gloves and did the procedures. 

Ok... Dah 3-4cm dah . Puan tunggu sekejap saya panggil bos saya sekejap to double check okay. 

10 minutes later, came the bos and the beautiful doctor. He checked. 

Ehh. ni dah 5 cm dah ni.. Ok get her ready. Dia xboleh pergi mana dah takut tak sempat. Tell her husband we'll admit her now. 

What? Dah kena admit? Takutnyaaaa and Alhamdulillah at the same time. Tak payah pergi KL Yeay!

What happens after that were so fast, they gave me clothes to change, broke my water bag, gave me medicine to throw, put on drip to my hand and at 11.30 pm I was already in the labour room with my husband at the side. Hubby was very busy texting everyone informing that I have been admitted. 

Masa ni surges were harder and sakit jugak. Thanx to HypnoBirth The Mongan Method, I think I was able to bear the pain. For your info, this book is a good read since it helps you to set your mind positively thus helping you to go through your labor easier and with less pain.

The doctors came again and checked and this time it's already 8 cm. 

Puan, do you need epidural? asked the doctor. 

Since I already set my mind to try as close as I can to natural birth, so I decided not to take Epidural. (oh tak sangka pula Gov Hosp offers you epidural. Dah sama macam Private juga! )

They left and gave time for me to relax and asked me to press the call button if the surges were strong and I felt like giving birth already.. Masa tengah layan surges konon nak berborak dengan husband la nak distract the attention. Tapi sakit so senyap je layan perasaan.hehe. It didnt take too long when I felt a very strong surge that I quickly press the button. 

Okay. laluan dah complete. Puan, whenever you are ready and when the surge came, push with all your might okay. said the doctor.

March 12th, 1.00am..
It took about 40 minutes before the baby decided to come out. It was exactly 1.00 am  at that time. baby keluar lambat sebab umi malas nak pushh.. hahah. Mana nak tahu rupanya the oxygen mask they gave to me was not really an oxygen mask. It was actually some kind of anaesthetic to ease your pain and somehow the gas makes you macam lali ala-ala nak tertidur gitu. hehe. I was exhausted but when the nurse placed the baby on my stomach, I felt so relieved and touched. I am a mother now =)

I was warded for 4 days since baby was down with jaundice. Overall I am very grateful that Allah has awarded me with kind and good doctors and nurses throughout my labour .

Nahh.. now Umar is already 6months and 5 days young. So far we are doing okay with parenthood. Umar is sleeping well during the night Alhamdulillah and he is going to start taking solid foods now!wiwiwi..My doa is for him to grow healthy and be an obedient son and muslim insyaAllah. 

Thanks to my Premium Beautiful corset, I am back in shape now and it only took me 3 months to get my shape back.  To mommies out there, selamat berpantang to those who just delivered, and to others take good care of your health so that you can take care of your children and family. For me, I wear Premium Beautiful corset consistently and I have Bioseleza pads too apart from eating balanced meals and drink lots of water. 

Thank you so much to all for the warm wishes and doas and gifts of course. Baby umar loves it all=) 
Till then and thank you for reading Umar's first adventure =)


Monday, 25 August 2014

Why Bioseleza?

Assalammualaikum and Good Morning Monday!

Ramai mungkin dah dengar product terbaru dari syarikat iaitu Bioseleza Sanitary Pad. Muni pun dah banyak update di Instagram dan Facebook tentang product Bioseleza ni sebab product ni begitu dekat di hatiku =) So today Muni nak share in detail apa benefits dan kebaikan yang dibawa oleh Bioseleza untuk sesiapa yang nak cuba pakai.

Bioseleza sebenarnya adalah sanitary pad. Comes in 3 jenis ukuran iaitu DaySafe, NightSafe dan ExtraLong dan satu lagi yang ramai wanita pakai adalah Pantyliner.

Picture credit to MaisarahIbrahim

So Why Bioseleza?

Selalu kita dengar ramai wanita di luar sana yang ada masalah-masalah sakit puan macam: 
senggugut, keputihan, alat intim berbau, gatal-gatal, melecet dan ada yang lebih teruk sampai kena kanser servik (pembunuh no.2 di kalangan wanita Malaysia)

But since these problems are too intimate and delicate to be shared with public or even a doctor, kita tend to merana sendiri senyap-senyap tak cari solution kepada masalah yang kita hadapi. Akibatnya, wanita especially yang dah berkahwin rasa rendah diri dan malu bila bersama dengan suami dan tak yakin bila nak berhadapan dengan orang ramai sebab takut orang bau yang tak menyenangkan dekat kita.

Bioseleza so far dah terima banyak reaksi dan testimonial positif dari pelanggan yang dah cuba guna walaupun product ini baru sahaja dilancarkan sebulan yang lalu. Muni share di sini among feedbacks yang team kita terima :

Bagaimana Bioseleza membantu memperbaiki masalah kesihatan wanita ? Ada 4 faktor utama yang Muni nak highlight:

1) Bio Velocity (BV) Technology:

Apa tu BV technology? BV sebenarnya adalah tenaga semula jadi dari cahaya matahari berfungsi untuk beri keseimbangan tenaga kepada badan kita. Sebelum ini syarikat ada pernah lancarkan product Biovelocity Sleepmate yang membantu kita tidur dengan lebih lena sebab fungsi keseimbangan dalam badan distabilkan oleh BV. Sama juga dengan Bioseleza, teknologi BV turut diaplikasikan dalam product ini untuk memberi keseimbangan kepada tubuh badan pemakai.

Demo keseimbangan badan dengan produk yang mengandungi BV

Di samping memberi keseimbangan tenaga,  Antibakteria strip  yang ada pada pad bioseleza bantu untuk menyeimbangkan pertumbuhan bakteria semulajadi dalam badan kita. Pertumbuhan bakteria yang seimbang akan mengelakkan masalah berbau serta kegatalan dan keputihan yang melampau pada bahagian sulit tu.

2) Rekabentuk yang nipis dan kain kapas yang bermutu

Berbeza dengan pad yang ada di pasaran sekarang, pad Bioseleza dibuat dari kain kapas yang bermutu dan juga gel yang ada pada diaper baby. Rekabentuk pad yang slim dan sangat nipis adalah sangat menyerap air serta diakui selamat oleh WHO. Sangat memudahkan dan selesa untuk dipakai kerana tak lembap dan melekit.

Mesti ramai yang tak tahu sebenarnya pad yang kita pakai selama ni diperbuat dari bahan kitar semula dan penggunaan fluoresen dan klorin semasa proses kitar semula menghasilkan dioxin yang amat berbahaya kepada kesihatan wanita  !

Bioseleza tidak mengandungi dioxin dan diakui dapat membantu mengatasi masalah dalaman wanita.

3) Teknologi Far Infrared Ray (FIR)

Teknologi FIR memang terkenal dalam produk syarikat terutama pada korset Premium Beautiful. Kebaikan yang sama turut digunapakai dalam produk Bioseleza ini antara lain  untuk membantu pengaliran darah yang lebih lancar serta memudahkan pengaliran keluar darah kotor dan mengatasi masalah senggugut teruk. FIR juga bantu meningkatkan metabolisme badan dan mengoptimumkan fungsi badan secara keseluruhannya.

4) Teknologi Nano Silver dan Ion Negatif

Membasmi kuman 99.9%, menyingkirkan bau, menyekat pertumbuhan bakteria serta menyeimbangkan hormon.

Promosi Bioseleza

Bio Seleza Mixed Set: 
Pantiliner x 2 packs (30pcs/ pack)
DaySafe x 2 packs (10pcs/pack)
NightSafe x 1 pack (8pcs/pack)
ExtraLong x 1 pack (8pcs/pack)
Total : 96 pcs

Bio Seleza DaySafe:
DaySafe x 6 packs (10pcs/pack)
Total : 60 pcs

Bio Seleza PantyLiner
Pantiliner x 6 packs (30pcs/pack)
Total : 180 pcs

Untung kepada sesiapa yang beli sekarang kerana ada promosi buy 6 free1 dan boleh jimat sangat banyak dengan pembelian promosi sekarang. Kepada sesiapa yang nak cuba boleh contact Muni di 012-5361508 atau kalau berminat untuk jadi agent juga boleh hubungi Muni okay. Free training and Business Coaching provided.  

Thank you,


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Umar's first Raya!

Umar Hakim , pagi 1 Syawal 1435H

Cuba teka siapa yang lagi excited? Ummi ka Umar?

Hehehe.. Bukti-bukti Umar LAGI excited sambut raya dari Ummi and Ayah =P


Tema awal : Merah

Umar- Mula beli from the 2nd week of Ramadhan. Total baju.. more than a few pairs definitely =P

Ummi - Tok Umar belanja kain untuk Ummi. Hantar tailor minta buatkan nursing opening kat depan - Hasilnya : agak Disaster. 

Ayah - Malam raya beli di uptown Sungai Petani . Takda size takda warna tema. Ummi paksa beli juga warna yang Ummi rasa lawa *sebenarnya tak lawa sangat*. Sampin Ummi lupa bawa dari KL. Nak beli sampin baru ayah tak mau. -merajuk le tu. =P 

Pagi Raya 1 Syawal 1435H

Umar - Baju Melayu Tok present. Perfect!

Ummi - Loan baju tok sebab baju Ummi tak sama warna dgn Umar and Ayah. *Nasib sama size!*

Ayah - Ummi konfiden masa beli baju ni warna sama dengan baju Umar yang tok bagi. 

Tadaaaa! TAK SAMA. Sampin : Loan dengan Acu. hohoho

Kesimpulannya : Tema pagi 1 Syawal : Ikut Suka Hati.

TAPI, tengahari 1 Syawal baruuu keluar gate rumah nak pergi beraya, Umar buat ONAR. Poo Poo habiss kena seluar AND Sampin ayah! 

Masuuuk balik tukar baju pakai TShirt Tom and Jery sudeh. Ayah TAK pakai sampin. Masa nak cuci poo poo, Umar tarik tudung Ummi. Basah and renyuk.

Tema tengahari 1 Syawal : Caca Merba.  YES.  


Tahun ni beraya di SP my Hometown. Tapi ada me and my brothers saja. Tak cukup korum. My sisters semua turn in laws. So tak apalah kami lah penyeri raya tahun ni =)

Balik raya awal. Khamis (26 Ramadhan) lepas suhur dah bertolak.  Sebenarnya nak balik malam Rabu tu lagi. Tapi biasalah Ummi tidurkan Umar, Umar pun tidurkan Ummi. Lajak sampai pukul 3 pagi baru bangun kemas beg. Pukul 5 baru ready suhur semua siap-siap then bertolak. 

Alhamdulillah jalan tak jam and smooth journey all the way. Umar pun tidur sepanjang perjalanan.*nampak tak Umar excited nak balik raya* =P

Sampai di SP pukul 10 pagi macam tu, borak-borak dgn ayah then pengsan setengah hari. Petang pergi bazar Ramadhan. Berbuka.Tidur lagi. *jet leg ke hape tu*

Jumaat- Misi mencari baju raya ayah. Nak pergi Pekan Rabu awalnya. Sekali keluar pun dah pukul 11 , (tinggal Umar kat Tok Ayah) so bincang balik tak jadi pergi takut kedai banyak tutup sebab Jumaat Kedah cuti plus nak solat Jumaat semua lagi lecey. Pergi kat tapak bazar SP kedai pun tak buka. Makanya pergi Tesco pusing-pusing sampai penat then balik.

Sabtu - Keluar pergi Giant saja-saja . Malam pergi bazar raya. (Tinggal Umar kt Tok & Tok ayah again. heheh. Excited la sangat umar nak beraya=) Syiok! Banyakk gerai. Meriah habis. Jumpa la baju raya utk ayah yang Ummi berkenan. Ayah terpaksa redo. *Kenapa baju raya ayah, Ummi sibuk nak pilih? Biasa laa isteri mithali. hahah*

Sungai Petani sesak di malam raya. Meriah!

Ahad - Paid a visit to sekolah baru Tok Umar. Mentang-mentang la Cikgu and students semua cuti raya, kami anak-beranak pergi teman Guru Besar set up office baru. Umar umur 4 bulan dah pergi sekolah jumpa Guru Besar. hehehe. Petang prepare bahan-bahan masakan, tolong tok masak juadah berbuka and rendang ayam untuk esok nak raya.

Isnin- Raya!

1 Syawal 1435H

Alhamdulillah masih diberi kesempatan untuk berhari raya. Bangun, mandi, solat subuh, iron baju. Good boy Umar tak bangun lagi senang Ummi nak buat kerja.
Sembahyang raya. Most of the years kami sembahyang raya dalam kereta. Sebabb lambatttt sampai masjid orang dah habis solat. Hahahahah.
Tahun ni cemerlang! Pukul 8 dah keluar ke masjid hasil bebelan and peringatan tok yang berterusan. Sembahyang start pukul 9 . Awal jugak la kami sampai. Clap.clap.clap =) *oh. kami refers to TokAyah, Ayah and Acu.Umi and Tok tak g solat jaga Umar=)*.

Balik sembahyang, Ummi and Tok pulak yang kelam kabut baru nak pakai baju raya dari pagi dok sibuk hidang ketupat rendang and siapkan Umar. Kami punca pulak dah. Syukurlah semua gentlemen penyabar orangnya=)

Dah siap semua. Salam raya and bermaafan. Nak syahdu-syahdu memang tak jadi kalau beraya dengan tok and tokyah. Asik gelakk ja. Tak serious tak focus! hehe. Then acara bagi duit raya and bergambar. 

Drama tok and tok ayah di pagi raya. Nak bermaafan gelak-gelak dulu.hehe

Salam duluu baru mintak duit raya

Menantu pilihan =)

Sambil-sambil tu makan ketupat and nasik goreng (nasik malam tadi tak habis pagi ni buat nasik goreng). Di Kedah ketupat nasi jarang ada. Most rumah hidang ketupat palas. Nyam Nyam.

Dah kenyang, baru bertolak ke Alor Setar beraya to my auntie's house and tok-tok sedara yang lain. Makan ketupat sampai separa mabuk, then balik SP kejap mandi siap-siap pergi Bukit Mertajam pula rumah sedara belah Tok Ayah.

Umar and his cousin Faheem

Makan lagi sampai perut tak boleh terima dah baru terasa nak balik.

Alhamdulillah. End of Day 1.

2 Syawal 1435H

Pagi semua bangun pening-pening lalat sikit makanan semalam tak habis digest lagi. Acara mendobi pakaian. Rehat-rehat, makan ketupat lagi tengok tv.

Petang- Umi, Ayah and Umar dah bertolak balik ke Putrajaya sebab esoknya ayah kerja. Masa nak balik and salam dengan tok and tok ayah baru syahdu. Huaaaa.. Nanti kami balik lagi ok tok and tok ayah! Take care!

Alhamdulillah smooth journey cuma kereta banyak juga. Jam sikit sebelum terowong Ipoh tu then lancar. Berhenti di RnR Tapah, makan and solat then terus sampai Putrajaya.

Umar teman Ummi solat di RnR

3 Syawal 1435H

Ayah Kerja.

Ummi basuh baju and kemas rumah. Umar melekat dekat Ummi sambil Ummi buat kerja. Ada gam agaknya dekat Ummi ni sebab tu umar melekat aje. Tapi takpa. Ummi suka=)

4 Syawal 1435H

Raya di Langat yay!

Tapi kat Langat tokma and tokyah tak balik lagi dari Kampung. Jadinya, sementara tunggu tokma and tokyah and ciksu and cikngah and paklang balik, ummi and ayah and Umar lepak SOGO dulu. Amboi. 

Beraya di SOGO =)

Cari hadiah untuk Cikngah nak g Madinah. Cikngah Umar dapat kerja di Madinah. Seronoknya! Congrats Cikngah!! Jangan lupa Umar! Nanti kami nak pergi sana okay!

Pukul 4 baru sampai di Langat. Bawa kuih raya untuk Tokma sebab Tokma kata tahun ni tak beli kuih raya pun. Tup Tup tengok kat dapur tu ada la 8 balang kuih raya + kerepek + kacang. Tokmaa kalau tak beli macam ni kalau beli macam manaa?? hahahah. Takpa raya setahun sekali =)

5 Syawal 1435H

Kemas rumah tokma sebab esok ada majlis doa selamat sempena Hari Raya and CikNgah nak bertolak ke Madinah.

Siap-siapkan bahan masakan untuk majlis esok.

Petang lepas Asar, Ummi, Ayah and Umar ngelat kejap pergi ke Bidor, Perak kawan rapat kami nikah. 

Dekat saja Bidor Alhamdulillah Umar pun okay. Malam tu after majlis nikah, kami tidur di Bidor. Pengantin baik sediakan homestay untuk geng perempuan and hotel untuk geng lelaki. Kami semua geng silat masa di UM dulu. Memang rapat macam adik beradik. Kalau siapa-siapa kahwin rasa macam tak sah kalau tak attend. Malam tu di homestay sesi gossip la of course. Siap ada kanak-kanak and bayi yang join gossip sebab masing-masing dah ada family. Macam nursery dah di homestay tu dengan budak merangkak, berlari, menangis semua. Ok fine. Sesi gosip bertukar jadi sesi Child care and sesi mak-mak ambil petua jaga anak and resipi masak-masak. =)

Geng Silat UM yang makin sihatt semuanya =)

Geng lelaki ngeteh dekat mapley sampai pukul 3. Elok la tu. Bincang masalah negara gamaknya.

6 Syawal 1435h

Pukul 7 pagi kami bertolak balik ke Langat. Kesian tokma tokyah semua kami tak tolong sangat.

Sampai Langat, terus tukar uniform tolong apa yang patut. Pukul 12 tetamu dah mula datang. Lepas Zohor orang Surau datang by pukul 2 macam tu rumah full house. Adik beradik Tok Ayah ada 10 orang campur anak-anak, cucu-cucu ada lah dalam 50 orang. Kawan-kawan CikNgah yang diraikan ada dekat 20 kereta kot. Kawan-kawan Ciksu and Paklang plus jiran tetangga and sedara Tokma semua memang Alhamdulillah la majlis meriah berjalan lancar. Ayam 10 ekor setel. Masak lomak rebung and sambal tempoyak lariss!

Pukul 1 pagi last tetamu balik. Kami semua pengsan macam kena tembak. 

Orang paling penat sekali =)

7 Syawal 1435H

Bangun, makan nasik goreng (nasik lebihan majlis semalam digoreng) baru mula kemas rumah and basuh-basuh semua. 

Tengahari lepas solat Zuhur berjemaah, baru berkesempatan bersalam raya and bermaaf-maafan dengan Tokma TokAyah semua. Family belah Ayah memang syahdu kalau bersalam-salaman. Basah jugak la telekung raya kami ditambah lagi dengan Umar yang menangis lagi kuat dari semua orang sebab takda siapa layan dia.hehe.

Siapa yang lagi excited niii ?? 

Cucu sulung semua orang sayang..hehe

Ciksu, Ummi, Cikngah and Umar!

Tokayah tak pandang camera pun!

Sesi bagi-terima duit raya, then off we go to Majlis Rumah terbuka Rumah Pak Ngah.

Petang balik dari rumah Pak Ngah terus ke Putrajaya.

Home sweet home *Not so sweet sangat la baju nak basuh and lipat bertimbun*

Today 8 Syawal 1435H back to rutin biasa. Kerja-nursery. Ummi teringat-ingat dekat Umar ni almaklumla seminggu melekat dengan Umar.

Ofis masih ada yang cuti. Esok baru full korum rasanya. 

Syukur Alhamdulillah raya tahun ini sangat bermakna sebab kami ada Umar beraya bersama. Umar has been a very good boy sepanjang raya, tak meragam, tak nangis bila orang lain ambil dia and berpura-pura cute bila orang agah dia.

Di celah-celah keseronokan raya teringat juga pada saudara kita di Palestin yang masih berjuang menegakkan syiar Islam. Insaf dan bersyukur sedalam-dalamnya Malaysia masih aman. Berdoa sangat-sangat semoga perjuangan saudara kita di Palestin diberi kemenangan dan mereka diberi kekuatan dan ketenangan menghadapi dugaan sebegini besar.

Mudah-mudahan diberi kesempatan lagi untuk sampai ke Ramadhan akan datang. Pohon ampun dan maaf kepada semua dari kami Munirah and Na'imullah atas semua kekhilafan sepanjang perkenalan kita.

Business is back as usual. Europe Trip is ON! Contact me to know how to get your free tickets with GLAMJourneys and JOM pakai Premium Beautiful to get in shape semula setelah berpulun makan masa raya!

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin from us
MunirahZaki, NaimullahZaini and UmarHakim 


Thursday, 3 October 2013


"Eh Macammana to say hello in Korean?''
"Annaeyong Sayo!"


"Kalau thank you pulak macammana?"
"Gamsa Hamnida..."

" Uishh.. Macammana Muni tahu Korean ni? Ambil Korean language ke dulu? " Tanya sahabat-sahabat GLAM yang baru dikenali :)

"Hohoho.. taklah! Sebab excited punya pasal this is my first trip so siap buat revision!" I said with a proud tone.:)

"Woahhh..." replied the others.. Haha. Dah rasa seronok!

This was what happened then, when we were at our departure gate waiting to board the plane to Seoul, Korea for my FIRST FOC Trip!!

At KLIA, there were full of us! the Green Wave! We were all wearing our first edition  #Glamjourneys T-shirt specially designed for this trip to Korea!

Then off we flew to Seoul, Korea. Cantik-cantiknya stewardess Korea sampai asyik dok tengok diorang je ;)  Within that 6 hours journey, orang lain semua tido, I was enjoying myself watching Korean movies on the plane. Touchingnyaa sampai nangis-nangis tersumbat hidung!
*emotional pregnant mom*
And here we are! At Incheon International Airport!

Sampai airport, collect our luggage,  touch up apa yang patut then we are ready for our tour!

Nampak muka excited semua tu? Apart from muka tak mandi =))

We went for souvenir shopping for our first stop and Doota, Dongdaemun. The complex is so big nak jalan pun rasa tak larat. Tapi shopping punya pasal, semua cargas! Barang Korea semua cute! Rasa nak beli semuaaaa

Some of the cute stuffs for souvenirs

After that, we had our lunch at Itaewon street. Here in Seoul, according to our tour guide, halal foods are hard to find. Only in Itaewon Street you can find halal restaurants, bakeries and shops selling Halal food. So if nak pergi Seoul, boleh datang sini okay untuk Halal foods!

After lunch, we went straight to the hotel to check in. Because bed was too inviting and irresistable, only sink can be captured. Katil dah habis ku selami ;)

Toilet bowl was the center of attraction.  
Canggih oi! 
with all types of buttons for all kind of functions,
EVERYTHING is taken care for you. *Try imagine =) *

Then, rehat-rehat and get ready for our GALA Dinner.
Theme was 'Raya di Perantauan'.
Makanan MashaAllah memang banyak and on top of that for our dessert, we were served with K-POP Performance!

Beautiful Circels Team trying to be cute and all ;)

Okay not so cute . -____-

Baru first time tengok K-POP patutlah ada ramai yang fanatik! Memang menarik!

This was during the earlier part. Masa tengah peak tu taktau campak camera ke mana! =p

We had so much fun! and that was not just all. Later, we were served with a more interesting performance! 

The Gangnam style by our top agents and even the GM too!

A Group Photo as a wrap.

 GLAM in Gangnam style > _< !

End of Day 1 and we found ourselves sound asleep after 5 minutes on the bed ;).

More interesting stories on Day 2. Stay tune!


*Picture credit to NaaKamaruddin and HanisHaizi